Frequently Asked Questions

Building the Future of Learning 2016
These are some of the most commonly asked questions we receive about the Portage Public Schools Bond Projects. Check back regularly as we will add more answers, as questions come up.

1.      When will the various projects be done?
a.      Portage Central new Natatorium – Spring 2018
b.      Portage Northern new Stadium – Summer 2018
c.       New Portage North Middle School – Fall 2019
d.      Portage Central new Stadium – Fall 2019
e.      New Portage Northern Natatorium – Summer 2020
f.        New Portage Central Middle School – Fall 2020
g.      West Middle School Improvements – Fall 2020

2.      Will the new stadiums have artificial turf?  Yes both new stadiums will have artificial turf and will be able to host football, soccer, lacrosse, track, band and other competitions.

3.      How many seats will the new stadiums have?  4,000 seats – 2,500 on the home side, 1,500 on the visitor side.

4.      How many floors will the new middle schools have?  Three floors of classrooms.  Other parts of the building will have two floors.

5.      Will the new stadium at Northern have locker rooms with showers?  The new stadium at Northern will have team rooms for use pre-game and at half time that will not have showers.  The teams will use the existing locker rooms in the high school for practices and these do have showers.  These locker rooms will also be available on game day for shower access if desired.  At Central, we are remodeling the existing locker room building at the stadium to serve all team sport needs.

6.      Where will the new North and Central Middle Schools be located?  The new North Middle School will be west of the existing Middle School and north of the current soccer field at the Northern campus.  The new Central Middle School will be north of the existing Middle School, between the High School and Westnedge Avenue.

7.      Will parent drop off / pickup be improved for the new Middle Schools?  Yes!  At North, the Middle School will be accessed from an improved access drive at the intersection of Milham and Constitution.  At Central, we will have a much larger parent drop off loop that will allow for much better traffic flow.

8.      How big will the new natatoriums be?  The new natatoriums will be larger than our existing pools, with 25 yard lanes in one direction and 25 meter lanes in the other.  There will be dive wells as well as 8 lanes for competition and 11 lanes for practice.

9.      How many spectator seats will there be at the natatoriums?  367 seats with additional standing room.  Spectator viewing will be elevated for improved site lines.