Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Advisory Groups Help Refine Campus Plans

Advisory Groups have been meeting over the last couple of weeks to offer insight and feedback on the preliminary master plans. At the March 14th meeting, the School Board was updated on that feedback and how community input is helping to shape the plans as they become more refined.

The designers are moving in the direction of a 3 story middle school concept to provide a compact footprint driven by the academic programs. Both Central and North Middle Schools will use the same prototype in order to save on design and construction costs but will allow for unique features of each campus.  Each building will be located on the campus in a way that will allow for future expansion.  Bob McGraw, Project Director from c2ae shared an updated vision on where the new buildings and facilities may be located based on additional site research and input from Advisory Committee Members.

Updated Northern Campus:

Updated Central Campus:

Advisory Groups for the athletic facilities and pools have also met, with more meetings scheduled in the next couple of week. Those groups are providing input on facility size, location and design features and will continue to refine those elements in upcoming meetings.

The next steps will include:
Additional Steering Committee and Advisory Group Design Sessions.
Project Sequence and Schedule- what will get build in which order?
Schematic Design of each Facility

Click here to see the entire slide show presented by c2ae at the March 14th School Board Meeting.