Wednesday, March 2, 2016

School Board Approves Campus Master Plans

On Monday, February 29th the School Board approved the campus master plans for the new middle schools, pools and athletic event facilities. The plans were the result of work between the project architects c2ae/Stantec, the district's steering committee and advisory groups to arrive at construction zones for the new facilities.  These groups worked closely together to develop the preferred plans from a number of options developed for each site. Now that the master plan is approved, design work can begin. The architects, steering committee members and advisory groups will be narrowing down more specific site locations and facility designs based on site surveys, construction requirements, topography, set back requirements from the City of Portage and Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) as well as other architectural and engineering considerations.
North Campus Proposal

Central Campus Proposal

The next steps include:

  • Meeting with Steering Committee and Advisory Groups for design charettes
  • Creating a schematic design of each facility
  • Developing a project sequence
Click here to see the complete Power Point Presentation presented by C2ae/Stantec.