Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Refined Campus Development DRAFT Plans and Construction Timeline Estimates

Over the past several weeks, the development of the Northern and Central campuses has been further refined with the help from a series of meetings and planning sessions.  The updated plans were presented to the School Board on Monday March 28th.

While these layouts remain conceptual they will continue to drive the design phase of the projects through the remainder of 2016, including schematic and design development for:
  • New middle schools
  • New stadiums
  • New pool facilities
  • Site improvements

A timeline and sequence of the construction is now taking shape, based on a number inter-dependent considerations. The sequence considers a logical path to complete the master plans and other improvements, allows for the maintenance and support of daily operations, and meets the funding timeline of the bond sales. Other considerations include:
  • Safety and site accessibility 
  • Educational continuity
  • Athletics and co-curricular programming impact
  • Consideration of logical and efficient design and construction sequencing
  • Operational capabilities
    • Facility operations and logistics support
    • Shutdown and startup transition (equipment, technology, etc.)
      Program Sequence and Timeline Anticipated Start and Completion
•PNHS stadium / athletics              Spring 2017 thru summer 2018
•New North Middle School            Spring 2017 thru summer 2019
•New pool @ Central campus        Spring 2017 thru winter 2018
•New Central Middle School          Spring 2018 thru summer 2020
•PCHS stadium / athletics               Spring 2018 thru summer 2019
•PCEC/CK improvements              Spring 2019 thru fall 2019
•West Middle School Renovate      Spring 2019 thru summer 2020
•New pool @ Northern campus      Summer 2019 thru winter 2020

Program Sequence and Timeline Buses and Technology
Buses will be acquired in phases over five years
•Began this past January (next purchase summer of 2017)
Technology will be acquired in phases over five years
•Supporting ongoing instruction(1 to 1)
•Other tech elements installed as new facilities come on line

A community forum is being planned for late April, date to be announced.